The glass

The glass is, which from ancient times, made from natural materials which mainly consists of quartzsand, (Silicon oxide), lime and sodium oxide. It is melted with oxygen and gas, leaving no environmentally damaging substances and as such is a sustainable material.

Glass painting

All paintings are painted on the back of the float glass. The painting will be fired at 580 °C. The image will be painted in many layers, and after each paint burned it. A painting is therefore often burned 6-7 times. All glass paintings are put on the frame with a special bracket in such a way that the penetrating light gives a shadow effect on the rear plate. This shadow effect that also draws the color with it, is the part of the image’s composition, and it also makes the picture changes depending on the angle, the light is coming from.

Lønstrup Hot Glass by Susan Vivi Sørensen, Galleri og Værksted


All the sculptures are created and formed into the flame of between 900 and 1500 ° c in the workshop in Lønstrup. The colors, transparency or the opakke surface creates a whole in relation to the unique expression. Almost all the works have a history and narrative as related to the sea and the special nature around Lønstrup.

Lønstrup Hot Glass by Susan Vivi Sørensen, Galleri og Værksted

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